About Us

Our History.

Bolivian Shoji is a private LLC company, established in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, since 1994. We participate directly and indirectly in agro production, through our own efforts in the crop fields and through strategic alliances with more than a thousand of small rural harvesters. Founded by Japanese immigrants in Bolivia, more than 20 years of solid experience as food suppliers, involvement in agribusiness and international trading, grant the quality standards of our merchandises and services.


Our Mission.

As a food supplier and grain producer, we emphasize on our client’s total satisfaction. We put our maximum determination in delivering our highest quality goods in most opportune manner possible. Through team work, proactivity, respect of our principles of good, so we consolidate as an innovative-creative enterprise capable of being known as a landmark of change, cooperation and continuous improvement.


Our Vision.

We realized that only through Unity, via alliances that reciprocate loyalty and trust, through respect between mankind and Mother Nature, through the sum of all our efforts as a Company, as a Society and as a Nation, we will, as consequence of hard work and well hearted Union, develop the Strength to carry on towards our aims and dreams. Even if might sound clichéd, the fact is that United we are Stronger.